Yes Man


Action / Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 46%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 66%
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Bradley Cooper as Peter
Jim Carrey as Carl
Zooey Deschanel as Allison
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Reviewed by amheretojudge 5 / 10

no means no..

Yes Man

Another bubbled up world in which only Jim can fit and survive and he does again but unfortunately writers didn't have much enough to let audience survive it.

Reviewed by Mr Black 8 / 10

I though it was good.!

I really like this film. I've always been a Jim Carey fan. Pretty much liked everything he's been in. He's not quite so wild in this film. A little tamer perhaps than wacky, but he's funny and really plays the part well. Bonus for me was seeing Zooey Deschanel in this movie. I think she's terrific in just about every thing. She is one of the most natural actresses out there. Funniest moment was when they met and she's wearing the scooter helmet with the two big eyes. That scene alone tells you what kind of girl she is. Anyway,, a bit of a formula movie - but who cares. Was fun to watch and I really enjoyed it. Performances from all actors was great.

Reviewed by eddy-love 1 / 10

Comedy Not What It Used To Be

When Jerry Lewis died Jim Carrey wrote that because of Jerry Lewis he is the comedian he is today. Jerry Lewis was part of a group of comedians who knew how to make you laugh. Your entire family could enjoy a good comedy skit or movie together. Today these comedian-wannabes don't know how to make a person laugh without including trash in their routine. The true comedians of Jerry Lewis's era didn't use profanity, make useless sex jokes, jab at public officials in order to put them down and make them look stupid in public. Don Rickles always made sure if he picked on anyone they could walk away feeling good about themselves and not be offended. All those comedians - Lewis, Rickles, Hope, Kaye, Benny, Martin, Skelton, etc - they didn't use trash talk comedians use today. Any of today's comedians who say they learned from the masters are lying. Comedians today inject their personal religious beliefs or personal political left-wing beliefs in their routine forcing paying customers to listen to them when it's no one else's business what the comedian believes or thinks. Jim Carrey made about 5 or 6 movies I liked and have. This movie "Yes Man" turned me completely against Jim Carrey because of the scene where a grandmother gave him a blow job. You didn't see the act but you knew what was going on. That was disgusting. Sorry Jim Carrey but you are not funny anymore and not worth the price of a ticket to see any of your trash! No comedian in this day and age is worth it.

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