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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rcl-5 10 / 10

really good film

Have just seen this at the Raindance but gather it is getting a UK wide release spring 2018. Lovely film at so many levels - reminded me in parts of Local Hero - beautiful Scottish countryside and a performance of her life from Sheila Hancock.

Other cast are excellent too - Kevin Guthrie is spot on - not overplayed - a man struggling with where is in life.

A thought provoking film as to what we should do with our lives.

It's a gem.

Reviewed by euroGary 7 / 10

Enjoyable, but at times obvious

"We made this film for an audience" declared director Simon Hunter at the 2017 Edinburgh International Film Festival's world premiere of 'Edie'. That begs the question "For who else would you make a film?", but Hunter subsequently explained the intention was to produce a feel-good work, and in that he has certainly succeeded.

Newly-widowed after thirty years of nursing a demanding and invalid husband, Edie Moore (Sheila Hancock) is preparing to move into an old people's home when on a whim she decides to attempt a long-held ambition to climb a Scottish mountain. She employs local camping shop owner Jonny (Kevin Guthrie) as her guide and - when it turns out she is not as prepared as she thinks she is - her trainer. The relationship between this odd couple forms much of the film.

Nowadays I am more familiar with Hancock through her duties as guest panelist on BBC Radio Four's 'Just a Minute'. But she is still a dominant screen presence, believably conveying Edie's journey from resignation, determination, despair, back again to determination. The script allows Guthrie less scope, although personally I'm happy to just sit and look at him - very few men can look sexy in a beanie hat!

Director Hunter over-eggs the pudding at times: the opening scenes featuring Edie's life as a drudge are shot almost exclusively with her dressed in dull beige against a background of constant rain and in rooms blanketed in Stygian darkness (for Heaven's sake, turn the bloody lights on!); while scenes of great emotion are accompanied by about five orchestras' worth of violins. There is more than a hint of soap opera about some aspects of the film (the sub-plot involving Jonny's girlfriend's quest for a bank loan could easily have been deleted with no loss to the viewer). But overall this is an enjoyable film and I shall probably look at it again when it turns up on television.

Reviewed by martinnbrown 6 / 10

A mixed bag

No, I'm not referring to the wonderful Sheila Hancock! The underlying theme for both protagonists is "don't continue wasting your life" and "it's never too late". Using the staggering beauty of the Scottish highlands as a backdrop, 83 year old Edie and 30ish Jonny embark on a journey up a mountain(don't worry, there's no sex). The story is simple, the script is just about bearable, though forced at times but Hancock's performance is amazing. I have nothing but admiration for her ability to tackle this range of emotions and the purely physical demands of filming. The ending was rather sudden for me but the film was enjoyable. However "Best film ever" as one reviewer said, umm, no, I don't think so!

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